Aging Issues Survey

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This survey and the resulting recommendation report are a free service. You have no obligation to us – hidden or otherwise – in filling out the survey and receiving the resulting recommendations. This is part of our commitment to serving the local community. There are only 22 “Yes” or “No” responses required and it should take you less than 8 minutes to complete it.

Most often this survey is completed by a family member or other interested individual on behalf of an aging senior and his or her spouse if applicable. This does not preclude the aging senior from filling it our himself or herself.

Once you have completed the survey and submitted it, we will generate the recommendation report which consists of identifying critical aging issues that might arise in the future or that require immediate attention. The report you receive will also provide numerous recommendations or strategies that you can pursue to correct the critical aging issues that the aging household faces or will face. It is important that you give us accurate contact information so that we can arrange to get this report into your hands wither through email or surface mail or any other means that you choose.