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Stephen Carville


If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran I may be able to help you with income benefits, health benefits, caregiver benefits or benefits to modify your home for disability.

Even if you are already receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, I have found that in many situations we can increase those benefit amounts or I can find additional income or support services that you may not currently be aware of. My specialty is to uncover these additional options where those who helped you in the past may have missed opportunities claiming all the various benefits available to you.

I am an accredited claims agent with the Department of Veterans Affairs which means I have authority to help veterans and survivors with claims and representation before the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I work closely with other members of the Utah Elder planning Council to make sure that your other aging issues have been addressed. This can include financial issues, legal issues, caregiving issues, other government funding programs, downsizing and relocating and much more.

By your coming to our Council group, I have committed to offering you a free no obligation consultation.

You can reach me at: (555) 444-4444 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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